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      Changshu New-Tech Chemicals Co., Ltd.

      Green production, environmentally friendly production

      Production and sales of phosphorus chemical products and fine chemical products

      ABOUT US

      Changshu New-Tech Chemicals

      Changshu New-Tech Chemicals Co., Ltd. which was founded in the year of 2002, is located at Hi-tech Fluorine chemical industrial park in Jiangsu Province. And Our Company is a leading Sino-US joint venture in the globe which specializes in the development, the production and sales of the phosphorous serious products and fine chemical products.

      100kilometers to the east is Shanghai, 50 kilometers to the south and west is Suzhou and Wuxi respectively. To the north is Yangtze River, across which there is Nantong city. With the developed transportation networks of the Shanghai-Nanjing, Jiangsu-Jiaxing-Hangzhou, as well as Yanjiang Expressways and railways as well as the Yangtze River and Wangyu River, Our Company enjoys a very convenient location.

      Our company is deeply advancing the management innovation, and it has passed the quality management system of ISO9001 and environmental management system of ISO14001. Our company continually enhances the strength of the self-innovation and set up the platform for the technology innovation at high standard. Now it has yielded the annual capacity of 12,000mt of Sodium Hypophosohite, 10,000mt of tricalcium phosphate, 10,000mt of fire retardant, other hypophosphite and fine phosphorous chemical products, with the total production capacity ranks top position around the world. Our products are best-selling in tens of countries and areas in Asia, Europe, and U.S.A, etc.

      In the future, our company will take the principle of “New idea, Special product, Customer first, Credit forever” to comprehensively carry out the concept of the scientific development, steady the goal of the development, vigorously push the technology innovation and product upgrade and change, to continually enterprise and create the first class forever to enable the enterprise to be the pioneer of the phosphorous chemical industry in the globe.

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